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Our wine list includes 15 award winning varieties

Pheasant Valley Wines

Pheasant Valley Wines
Pheasant Valley wines are made with grapes grown on the estate vineyard or locally, all within the Columbia Gorge or Columbia Valley appellations. The diverse climate in these appellations allow for the cultivation of almost any wine, rivaling the most famous grape-growing regions of the world.
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Dennis Wentworth Porter

Wine Label
Our wine labels feature the original works from friend and professional artist, Dennis Wentworth Porter. Visitors to the winery can view more paintings while they enjoy wine tasting. Born in 1946 in Philadelphia, PA, Dennis Wentworth Porter graduated with honors from the Santa Barbara Institute of Art and has been working as a professional artist for over 30 years, during this time he has he taught, painted and lectured throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Visit the DWP website

Estate Organic Wines
"Gail and I believe in the progressive Oregon tradition of winemaking. Using every new technique available to improve our wine, yet respecting the sustainable truths that allow Mother Nature to produce her very best. Though technology plays an important part in any modern winery, winemaking is still a delicate art form. It takes an experienced hand to know how to prepare the land for the growing season, when the grapes are at their peak of readiness and how to create a wine that is balanced, deep in complexity and rich in flavor and finish" - Scott Hagee

Organic Certifications

Organic Certifications
The wines made from our estate grapes are certified as being made with organically grown grapes and are processed using organic winemaking techniques and bears the logo of the Oregon Tilth and USDA Certifications.

The baseline definition of organic wine is "wine made with grapes farmed organically", deals only with the first phase of the organic certification process. Organic winemaking (i.e. fermentation of the grapes into wine, bottling etc.) is the second. We purchase additional grapes from select local vineyards who also practice many of the same organic farming techniques. Once at our winery all the grapes are processed using strict organic winemaking techniques, minimal processing and no use of chemical additives. We pay particular attention to three factors: the use of yeasts, the filtration/fining method, and the use of sulfur dioxide.

Working Winery Calendar
Great wine starts in the vineyard. Maintenance and care of our estate vineyards is a yearlong process. Please follow us throughout the year as Gail & I share our story of activities here at Pheasant Valley Winery and Vineyards. working winery calendar

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"Wine of the Week"
- Wines Northwest

A Classic Gewürztraminer"
"Made from fruit harvested at the famed Celilo Vineyard in the Columbia Gorge, this Gewürztraminer is semi-sweet and is a great accompaniment to Asian fare if one prefers the sweeter dinner wine style, or with cheese and shortbread after dinner as a dessert wine. The aroma is classic Gewürztraminer with lychee and floral notes playing over pear and peach. Flavors of stone fruits and floral perfume mark the succulent palate"

- Chuck Hill: Wines Northwest
  RATING: 5 Stars

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